Sign-up! (pt. 1)

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The joyous moment has finally arrived! The moment I’ve been waiting for a long time. The moment I get to sign us up for The Mongol Rally 2019!

The sign-up procedure is quite simple, really. There’s a website with a sign-up form. I just type in the personal data, agree with a lengthy terms and conditions document and I pay the fee at the end.


It all began with a rush. The sign-up fee equalled the amount of 575£ for the first few teams. Which is almost the limit size on my credit card. Almost, but a little more. I therefore immediately emailed my bank consultant. My message missed her by a few minutes, unfortunately. My limit change lasted just that little longer.

Did I have a backup plan in place? Of course I did. I already transferred the sufficient funds to another, this time debit, card. The correct one for an online payment, of course. I hastily filled out the sign-up form with all of the correct data. I then proceeded with the payment part and… It’s not working?

This debit card I mentioned offers all the modern functions, online management, daily limit, overall limit… With the sheer excitement and the rushing, I forgot to change my daily limit. Once I managed to shake off my surprise over the rejected transaction, I quickly raised it. The sweat on my forehead disappeared quickly. I had just enough courage for another try. My heart was beating heavily. I clicked the pay button. The moment seemed to have lasted forever. But…

The payment has gone through.

I was overcome with joy and one of my eyes went all teary on me. A short moment later the other one joined. My immense happiness was quickly turned to sadness. Desperation. Horror. The curse of the “500 Internal server error” has fallen upon me.


Reasonable thinking gave way to chaos. I was clicking without aim. I was able to login, but I only saw the “Oh bugger, you don’t seem to be signed up to any adventures.” message. I’ve scrambled to my bank account web page. The 575GBPs are missing. I was in total disarray.

All the energy left me, the joy was taken away. I slumped into my chair. The room went dark.

In short; there was a problem with the webpage. The exact amount of GBPs was transferred from my account to (I hopes) theirs.

I’ve sent them an email explaining the issue. I was starring into the darkness for a long time, fearing the worst.

The adventured has indeed begun.

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