Sign-up! (pt. 2)

Source: The Adventurists

I was sleepless during the night. 

When I woke up in the morning I really had no desire to check the emails. I finally moved in front of the computer after thinking about what happened for a couple of minutes. 

I turned it on and waited a bit. A slowly moved the cursor towards the email client program icon. With clicking the left button on my mouse the process of starting the email client started. The start up screen appeared and I was able to see all of the components starting. I was soon greeted by the familiar user interface. A stared at the send/receive progress bar. I wasn’t interested in the sending part. I was focused on the receiving part only.  


New, fresh messages soon appeared in my Inbox. I was slowly scanning the message subjects with my eyes. Two messages caught my attention. Both subjects had the word “Adventurists” in it. The first one arrived in the middle of the night, the other a couple of hours later. The first one looked like an automated response on the first glance, while the other looked like a real message. It looked like a person wrote it. 

I gently moved the cursor towards the second one. I clicked and started to read it. There were words, and all of them together they made a sort of text. The first message was only a confirmation of the team website being created. The second contained an explanation. The author wrote they had some issues with the website. Those issues prevented the team website being created automatically. They resolved my issue surprisingly fast. They also confirmed they received my payment.  

I finally had the access to the website and all of the resources. But most importantly, I was now able to send an official invite to my other team member – Mateja. 

The adventure has begun indeed! 

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