Sign-up! (pt. 1)

Source: The Adventurists

The joyous moment has finally arrived! The moment I’ve been waiting for a long time. The moment I get to sign us up for The Mongol Rally 2019!

The sign-up procedure is quite simple, really. There’s a website with a sign-up form. I just type in the personal data, agree with a lengthy terms and conditions document and I pay the fee at the end.

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I love a good challenge and that’s why the Mongol Rally kept popping up in my mind.  

Have I mentioned I love to travel? (I’m sure someone’s screaming into the screen: “A thousand times”). What I mean is I’m no stranger to planning.  As planning goes, I try to make pretty accurate and detailed route and the same goes for the budget. I always try to make as good of an estimate as I can. The only thing written in stone is the length of the trip. 

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The adventure

This picture is quite unrelated to this post. 🙂

I was still thinking about the breathtaking landscapes, dangerous and demanding roads and an old wreck of a car. A true adventure. 

Warning: There is some personal content in this post. I you, dear reader, don’t like this type of post, you can indulge yourself in a part one of the how to play the bagpipes tutorial. 

We (yep, Mateja was also there) were in Georgia (the one near Russia) towards the end of May 2018 and were just starting with our road trip. Well, it wasn’t just road trip… 

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The Mongol what?

I found myself thinking about the three students travelling into the heart of Asia.  

The Albania road trip was a great success. But as travellers often do we soon started planning for the next trip. It would take place in late May to early June of 2018. This time we’d visit Georgia (the one near Russia).  

I, however, found myself thinking about the three student and their adventure. I was combing through the article in search of some additional clues. With my Columbo like detective skills I soon found one. The Adventurists. A surprisingly short search of the internet resulted in quite a lot of events found. They were all organized by this potentially magnificent but still somewhat silly organization. The three students were taking on one of said events. 

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Road trip

September. 2017. 

The planning for a road trip was well under way. We’re going on an almost three weak long journey.  The road will lead across the lands of the former republic of Yugoslavia. We’d be just a few kilometers short of Greece when we’re furthest from Slovenia. We’ll cross Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia. And we’d spend the vast majority of the time in Albania.  

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